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For inquiries, please email President Marc Connerly at mconnerly@connerlyandassociates[dot]com.

IMG_3364Marc Connerly, President and Owner, mconnerly@connerlyandassociates[dot]com

Association Executive Director, Board Liaison, Advocacy, Member Benefits and Programs, Membership and Sponsorship Recruitment

During his first tenure with Connerly & Associates from 1982-1989, Marc worked as the firm’s energy consultant, establishing a California energy consulting division that was responsible for reviewing building plans and performing calculations to demonstrate compliance with Title 24 standards. He also collaborated on the development of Title 24 training materials that were presented to building departments, contractors and building designers.

In 2005, Marc returned to Connerly & Associates as business development consultant to the firm, as well as association manager of the Roofing Contractors Association of California. Over the next several years, he assumed management of the Associated Roofing Contractors of Northern California, the California Golf Course Owners Association, the National Golf Course Owners Association of Arizona, and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California.

Marc serves as primary Board liaison, association spokesperson, advocate, and lobbyist on regulatory and legislative issues. He oversees membership and sponsorship growth, revenue development programs, and organizational proceedings.

In addition, Marc orchestrates planning and lobbying contracts with SMUD, the State of California, and the California Fire Training Alliance.

As President of Connerly & Associates, he also oversees business development, strategic planning, company vision and growth.

When not busy serving our associations, you might see Marc at an MLB game near you! He is a big MLB fan and loves the San Francisco Giants. He has attended games in 27 of the current 30 major league ballparks (plus 5 that are no longer in existence), and is determined to visit all 30!

Alisyn Gularte, Member & Sponsor Relations Manager, info@connerlyandassociates [dot] com

Membership and Sponsorship Management

Alisyn Gularte joins the team of Connerly & Associates overseeing Member and Sponsor Relations. She brings to the role a background with significant experience in marketing, community & member development, and event management for several nonprofit organizations and associations.

In her spare time, Alisyn serves on a Board of Directors for a community theater and is an article contributor for local magazines and online content. She enjoys running with her dog and exploring all the beautiful lakes California has to offer.

Maria Wihren, Financials, accounting@connerlyandassociates[dot]com

Financial Recordkeeping

Maria was born in Sweden and, in 1998, came to the United States to attend college. She graduated in 2004 with her B.A. in English from California State University, Sacramento.

Since then she has worked in Office Management, Property Management, and Accounting. Maria joined Connerly & Associates as the Accounting Specialist in January 2018.

Maria is a big Detroit Red Wings fan and records and watches almost every hockey game they play during the season. She also enjoys paper crafting, hiking and camping.

Simone Youngblood, Communications, connerlycommunications@gmail[d0t]com

Communications and Media

Simone joined Connerly and Associates in 2014 as our Communications Assistant and Administrative Support. Today, she manages our client websites, email communications and various forms of media.

Simone obtained her Master of Arts in English from Sacramento State in 2009. She enjoys hosting community poetry events, writing, and the creative arts.

Corinne 1-9-13Corinne La Fazia, RCAC Membership Director, (909) 305-4996, clafazia@nrca[dot]net

Membership Recruitment and Support

After 16 years of membership experience with the California Trucking Association, Corinne LaFazia teamed up with Connerly & Associates, Inc. in November 2006, taking a lead role in the recruitment and retention of client memberships.  She is a graduate of the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Organization Management, and a longtime member of the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE).

Ilene Connerly, Corporate Advisor, iconnerly@aol[dot]com
Membership, Contract Administration, Event Planning and Implementation

In Loving Memory of Rebecca “Becky” Keeley


What can you say about Rebecca “Becky” Keeley?

It is extremely difficult to put into words how deeply loved and missed Becky will be.

There’s a Scripture in the Bible where the apostle Paul, addressing the church in Philippi, says: “Instead of being motivated by selfish ambition or vanity, each of you should, in humility, be moved to treat one another as more important than yourself.”

It’s hard for me to think of anything that sums up the life of Becky Keeley more than these words. It was her never-ending treatment of other people as more important than herself – even until the day she went to rest – that made her life remarkable.

For a second…

I want you to imagine a woman who puts her family, friends, co-workers, associates, and seemingly everyone she encounters before herself and her own needs.

Imagine a woman who – no matter how strong or weak she feels – chooses to put all her energy towards you and your wellbeing instead of her own important and pressing needs of that moment.

Imagine a woman who chooses to use her life giving, giving, and giving even more to other people – even when she, herself, is confronted with challenges that you’d think would make her kind of unselfishness impractical.

If you can imagine this woman, you are imagining Becky Keeley.

Becky was beloved by everybody who had the privilege to know her. Everybody.

Becky was an extraordinary wife and mother who talked about her children and husband to the point you felt like you knew them yourself, even if you didn’t. It’s hard to imagine Becky loving anyone more deeply and crazily than she loved her husband and children.

She was a tremendous friend and was like another member of the family to everyone she was friends with.

Becky’s Service to Connerly & Associates

After years of experience working with insurance companies, title companies and lenders, Rebecca joined Connerly & Associates in 1987 and assisted the firm with its home repair and first time home buyer programs. After the housing market crash, Rebecca’s focus turned to serving our roofing associations.

With more than twenty years with the firm, Rebecca was one of our leaders in membership services and meeting support for all of our clients. If members called our office with inquiries about meetings, accounting and other administrative needs, chances are they spoke with Rebecca. “Association management is old fashioned customer service,” she said. With this guiding ethic at heart, Rebecca took pride in offering members a level of quality service that showed their value to us.

To say the least, Becky was an exceptional employee who went beyond what was needed in everything she did. She was loved dearly by our staff members and all our clients. She will be missed beyond words.

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